Showcase Your Creativity: Participate in Our Best Booth Contest! The best booth contest is an opportunity to recognize and reward creativity, innovation, and excellence in the design and exhibition of products and services at Expoalimentaria 2024.

Exhibitors' Participation

All event exhibitors from different sectors, including those who participated in previous editions, are invited to participate in the best booth contest.

Evaluation Criteria

Booths are evaluated according to a series of criteria that may include creativity in design, effective product or service display, lighting, space utilization, consistency with brand identity, among other aspects.

Awards and Recognitions

Delivery of a recognition trophy for the winning exhibitors. The awards ceremony takes place during the closing ceremony of the event, where the winners of the best booth contest are publicly recognized.

Opportunity to Stand Out

Participating in the best booth contest provides exhibitors with the opportunity to stand out among the crowd, increase their visibility, and reinforce their brand image as leaders in creativity and innovation in the industry.

Mejor stand Alimentos y bebidas
Mejor stand Alimentos y bebidas
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