Here you can find the most frequently asked questions of our exhibitors!

Exhibitor Search

How can I find out which companies are the ones that participate in the fair?

You can find all exhibitors of Expoalimentaria in "Exhibitor List". The search can be done through the name of the exhibitor, sector and specific products.

Visitor's guide

How can I acquire a visitor's guide ?

The visitor 's guide can obtenerl to the days of the fair, on the premises.

Stand constructions

When do I request the additional energy my stand needs?

The dates for requesting service extra power for your stand, are already stipulated in the regulations of the fair. It is important to mention that all wiring is done with vulcanized cable.

What should I keep in mind when planning the Stand?

At the time of arming your stand, you must consider the following points:

Height: QLet there be indicated according to his footage and location, not all stands have the same height.

Sound: The volume generated in your stand, should not cause discomfort or interruptions to the exhibitors nearby, it is important to maintain a certain volume.

Approval of constructions: They must send the final views of their stand one month in advance, so that we can verify that they do not incur any breach of the regulation, such as inappropriate materials, maximum height, connections, etc.

Assembly and disassembly

What are the dates of assembly and disassembly?

The dates are those indicated in the following table:

Metraje Stand
Fechas de Montaje
Fechas de Desmontaje
Greater than or equal to 20m2
Less than 20m2
September 21 and 22
September 23 and 24
September 28 and 29

When can I collect the assembly and disassembly credentials?

Credentials assembly and disassembly, will be delivered together with the KIT EXHIBITOR, which will be delivered at the offices of ADEX (Av. Javier Prado Este 2875, San Borja) on Monday , 03 to Friday , 07 September 2018 from 09:00 to 17:00 hours

Búsqueda de expositores

¿Cómo puedo averiguar que empresas son las que participan en la feria?

Usted puede encontrar a todos los expositores de Expoalimentaria, en "Lista de Expositores". La búsqueda puede realizarla a través del nombre del expositor, sector y productos específicos.

Directorio de la feria

¿Cómo puedo adquirir un directorio de la feria?

El Directorio de Expoalimentaria puedes obtenerlo durante los días de feria, en el recinto.

Construcciones del stand

¿Cuándo solicito la energía adicional que necesita mi stand?

Las fechas para solicitar el servicio de energía adicional para su stand, se encuentran ya estipuladas en el reglamento de la feria. Es importante mencionar que todo cableado se realiza con cable vulcanizado.

¿Qué debo tener en cuenta al planificar el Stand?

Al momento del armado de su stand, debe tener en cuenta los siguientes puntos:

Altura: Que sea la indicada de acuerdo a su metraje y ubicación, no todos los stands tiene la misma altura.

Sonido: El volumen que generen en su stand, no debe generar molestias ni interrupciones a los expositores aledaños, es importante mantener un volumen determinado.

Aprobación de construcciones: Deben enviar con un mes de anticipación las vistas finales de su stand, con la finalidad de que podamos verificar que no incurran en ningún incumplimiento del reglamento, como materiales inapropiados, altura máxima, conexiones, etc.


How can I buy a ticket?

Process for company and natural person:

1. Enter the following link https://bit.ly/2XdFDFT

2.Select your visitor category

3.Complete the Invoice / Ballot data

4.Select the number of tickets you wish to purchase

5.Complete your credit / debit card details and select the “Pay ” button

6.You will receive in your registered mail the “codes ” that represent the tickets to be acquired, these “codes” must be registered online by the person who will attend the fair, you can give these codes to your customers, suppliers, among others.

Process for University Students / ADEX Students / Technical Students

1.Enter the following linkhttps://bit.ly/2XdFDFT

2.Complete your personal information , you must attach an image of your ID (over 18 years old) + University Card / Certificate of studies

3.Your data will be sent for validation, if the registration is APPROVED you will receive an email with Confirmation

4.Enter the link you received in the email

5.Complete your credit / debit card details and select the “Pay ” button

6.You will receive an email with your virtual credential , you must take it printed to the fair to enter
Remember that visitor admission is valid only to enter on Friday 27

How can I register?

Process for company and natural person:

1. Enter the following link: http://bit.do/INVITADOSEA

2. Select your visitor profile

3.Complete the registration

4- You will receive an email with your virtual credential, you must take it printed to the fair to enter

Is the virtual credential received by mail valid for fair entry?
‍Yes, this virtual credential will only be received by all those who have made a previous registration through the Expoalimentaria website on the indicated date, also with this credential you can approach the entrance portico and enter the fair without any inconvenience.

In the case of students, the credential will only be valid on the last day of the fair (Friday, September 27)

What is the time to enter the fair?
‍ The schedule for entering the fair is from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm at night. Registration modules will be enabled from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

What documents should I submit at the registration desk?

In case you have not had the opportunity to make your registration through the website, the fair day you can approach the registration module with your ID and make your payment, then we will provide you with your credential so you can make your entrance to the fair. All visitors of the student category, must present at the registration table the following: STUDENT CARD or STUDY CONSTANCE and AGE ID.

Can I pay online through the web registration?

You can buy your tickets online using debit and credit cards . In the following link https://bit.ly/2XdFDFT , remember that later you have to register here: http://bit.do/INVITADOSEA to redeem your credential, which you must take printed at the fair.

What is the means of payment at the fair? On fair days, both cash and credit or debit card payment will be accepted .

What should I do if I lose my credential? If you need a reprint for loss, forgetfulness or theft, duplicate credential costs S /. 15.00 You can cancel them at the fundraiser, located near the Registration area of ​​the fair.
Can I cancel my participation once the payment is made?
We do not accept money returns for cancellations.


Here you can find the most frequently asked questions of our international visitors!

What is the visiting hours of the fair?

Expoalimentaria will take place from 2 5 with 2 7 SE p tember and you can visit the exhibition from 10:00 hours until 18:30 hours. Registration modules will be enabled from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

How do I register fot entering the fair?

Registration for our international visitors identified with Passport (*) or Certificate of Alien Registration is free.

(*) It is not considered a passport of Peruvian nationality

If you have only ID and represent an international company, you must make the corresponding payment at the current rate.

Are minors allowed to enter the fair?

No. entry is prohibited persons under 18 (including children and infants).

Where do I pick up my credential?

The credential must be collected at the Registration Desk at the fairgrounds. It is necessary to show your Passport (*) or Immigration Card for accreditation

(*) It is not considered Passport of Peruvian nationality.

What are the Official Hotels?

The list of official hotels will be published on the website of Expoalimentaria, and in turn be shared by its executive assigned.

In the Business Roundtable they will have translators?

Yes, we will have translators English-Spanish and others as participants demand international visitors from the Business Roundtable.

Wich countries need visa to come?

To find out which countries need a visa enter here

Countries that do need a tourist visa to enter the country are:

A: Angola, Argelia, Afganistán, Arabia Saudita, Albania, Armenia andAzerbaiyán
B: Benin, Botsuana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Bangladesh, Bahréin, Bhutan and Bosnia Herzegovina
C: Costa Rica, Cuba, Cabo Verde, Camerún, Chad, Comoras, Congo, Costa Marfil, Camboya and China República Popular
D: Dijbouti
E: El Salvador, Egipto, Eritrea, Etiopía and Emiratos Árabes Unidos
G: Guatemala, Gabón, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Ecuatorial and Georgia
H: Haití and Honduras
I: India, Irán and Iraq
J: Jordania
K: Kenia, Kazajistán, Kirquistán and Kuwait
L: Lisotho, Liberia, Libia and Líbano
M: Madagascar, Malawi, Malí, Marruecos, Mauricio, Mauritania, Mozambique, Maldivas, Mongolia and Myanmar
N: Nicaragua, Namibia, Níger, Nigeria and Nepal
P: Pakistán
Q: Qatar
R: República Dominicana, República Centroafricana, Ruanda, República Popular Democrática de Corea and República Democrática Popular Laos
S: Sahara Occidental, Santo Tomé and Príncipe, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leona, Somalia, Sudán, Swazilandia, Sri Lanka and Siria
T: Tanzania, Togo, Túnez, Tayikistán, Timor Leste, Turkmenistán and Turquía
U: Uganda and UzbekistánV: Vietnam
Y: Yemen
Z: Zaire, Zambia and Zimbabue


The entry of persons under 18 years of age (including children and infants) is prohibited.
Entry with weapons prohibited.
Entry with alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
No smoking
At all times participants must carry their credential.
It is forbidden to use another person's credential, if this happens, both will be removed from the fair without any claim. In order for the credential owner to obtain one again, he must pay S /. 15.00 by reprint.
Credentials of all categories are personal and non-transferable.



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