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How can I register to attend EXPOALIMENTARIA 2023?
To register and attend Expoalimentaria 2023, you must complete the online registration making click HERE.
There you will be asked for personal and contact information, as well as information about your company or professional activity.

Will foreign nationals be admitted free of charge?
Yes, all accredited foreigners (foreigner's card, passport, business card) and prior registration on the Expoalimentaria website.

With which document is my participation as a foreigner valid?
Identification document, foreigner's card, residence card from a country other than Peru.

How much does it cost to enter the fair?
If you are an international buyer or visitor and you have registered before September 19, your access is free, otherwise, to obtain your ticket to Expoalimentaria 2023, you can visit the official website of the event or contact the organizers through the contact channels available on their website, where you will find information on the types of tickets available and the procedures to purchase them.

What are the methods of payment?
The means of payment are: transfer, credit/debit card payment, yape, plin.

What are the opening hours of the fair?
Access to our national and international visitors will be:
• M-F: 10am to 6pm

Are minors allowed to enter?
No. By policies of the fair, it is forbidden the entry and registration of minors.

Will there be financing for buyers this year?
Yes, this year we will have our Hosted Buyer program, for more information you should visit this link: making click HERE.

Is the virtual credential received by mail valid for admission to the fair?
Yes; you can also request the exchange of the virtual credential for the physical credential, which will be free of charge only once.

What documents do I need to travel to Peru and participate in EXPOALIMENTARIA 2023?
The documents required to travel to Peru and participate in Expoalimentaria 2023 depend on your nationality and the type of trip you are making. Generally, a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity is required and, in some cases, a tourist or business visa, depending on the immigration regulations of the country of origin. It is important to check with the Peruvian embassy or consulate in your country of residence for updated information on travel requirements.

What types of products will I find at EXPOALIMENTARIA 2023?
In EXPOALIMENTARIA 2023, you will find all categories of Food and Beverage products, in addition to the Machinery, Technology, Supplies, Services and Packaging & Packaging sectors.

How many exhibiting companies will participate in EXPOALIMENTARIA 2023?
EXPOALIMENTARIA 2023 will have the participation of more than ...... exhibitors.

How can I obtain prior information about the exhibiting companies and their products? Is there a catalog or list of exhibitors available online?
To obtain prior information about the exhibiting companies and their products, you can access the list of exhibitors on the event's official website. There you will find detailed information about the participating companies, their products and services offered.

As an international buyer or visitor, will I be able to place my product catalog?
Yes, as long as you register as a buyer. Within the registration you will find a section that asks you to attach a product catalog.

How can I schedule business meetings with exhibiting companies?
To schedule business meetings with exhibiting companies at Expoalimentaria 2023, it is required to participate with the profile of international buyer or be part of the hosted buyer program, the registration must be done previously through EXPOALIMENTARIA's appointment system which is provided by the event organizers.

Will the registration platform and business roundtable be available in both languages (English/Spanish)?
Our platforms and information channels are available in both languages.

As international visitors, will we have access to the business roundtables?
No, only international buyer profiles or those who are applying to the Hosted Buyer and Top Buyer Peru programs will be able to participate in the business roundtables (limited quotas).

Will the buyers of the TOP BUYER PERU program have a business agenda?
Yes, only for buyers registered in the TOP BUYER PERU program. For more information about the Top Buyer Peru program, please visit the following link: making click HERE.

What activities and events will take place during EXPOALIMENTARIA 2023?
During the Expoalimentaria 2023 fair, various activities and events will take place, such as product exhibitions, business rounds, conferences, seminars and culinary demonstrations. Detailed information on specific activities and events is available in the official program of the fair or on the event's website.

Will there be a welcome for international buyers?
Yes, we will have our opening cocktail.

What services will be available for visitors at EXPOALIMETARIA 2023?
Services available at Expoalimentaria 2023 will include parking, free transportation within the fairgrounds, rest areas, cloakroom and food services. Details on the specific services available during the event can be found on the official website or in the official program of the fair.

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