Pisco On The Outer Would Add About Us $ 7 Million This Year

July 03, 2019 | 14:48
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With the different actions that the private and public sectors will carry out, in order to have a quality offer and promote their presence abroad, the export of pisco would close this 2019 in more than US $ 7 million, more than US $ 5 million 800 thousand of last year, estimated the Association of Exporters (ADEX). 

Remember that in 2016 Peru exported pisco for US $ 8 million 500 thousand. In 2017 the amount was reduced to US $ 6 million 700 thousand and in 2018 to US $ 5 million 800 thousand. In the first four months of the year alone, the offices totaled more than US $ 1 million 850 thousand, which represented an increase of 26.3%, a positive trend that is expected to be maintained throughout the year. 

The ADEX Pisco Committee plans to coordinate with PromPerú to bring buyers from the European Union (Poland, Germany, Belgium, England and others) in order to hold appointments with businessmen and pisco producers and strengthen shipments to that block. 
This action is part of its 2019-2021 Work Plan that it presented a few days ago and that includes other activities to strengthen the export capabilities of the associated companies and promote and develop an internationalization strategy. 

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An important issue for the president of ADEX, Alfonso Velásquez Tuesta, is to strengthen the pisqueras wineries through the associativity and standardization of their offer, so that in a short or medium term they can enter the international markets. In that way, he said, the number of pisco exporters will increase. He detailed that in 2012 there were 72, in 2013 the number was reduced to 61, in 2014 to 56 and in 2015 to 54. “In 2016 they exported 57 pisqueras companies, in 2017 only 51 and last year 57. We need to strengthen the capacities of the wineries to have a greater offer abroad, ”he said. In order to achieve that objective, ADEX, through ADEX School, will carry out the course "My first export of Pisco", aimed at small producers and which will address topics such as 'Introduction to foreign trade and tools for trade promotion', 'Requirements for access to the international market', 'Quality control: analysis and certifications' , 'Packaging and packaging for the export of alcoholic beverages', and 'Management of export costs-Workshop'. To reach more markets in North America, Central America and South America, not only will the export of pisco be enhanced, but also of our 'flag drink' combined with fruits. In that sense, a work was proposed with the OCEX of Colombia, Brazil and Panama. Trade missions would be organized for the Horeca , bars, commerce and tourism sectors in the second half of the year. Information on market opportunities, customers and others will be requested from the OCEX and embassies, a website will be developed with information on the associated pisco companies, wineries, production and supply of pisco and other beverages; The possibility of creating the ADEX Pisco Museum was also outlined, which would have samples of the varied offer of the 'Flag Drink', accompanied by a tasting tab. In this way, the pisqueros seek to support 'Challenge 75' initiative of ADEX, CCL, Perucámaras and the SNI to achieve that exports total US $ 75 billion by 2021, and, thus, reduce poverty and generate formal jobs and development poles within the country.According to the ministry, tourists from around 25 countries visit Peru a year, so, in joint work with regional governments, pisco will be exhibited and marketed on dates when there is a greater influx. Some would be Cusco, Arequipa, Puno, Cajamarca and Madre de Dios, and would be used to inform about the culture of pisco and generate a growing demand. 

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ADEX insist with its proposal for the state to buy pisco promotional purposes and at the headquarters of the OCEX and embassies have samples of piscos who won medals in competitions. Also, its inclusion in movies, music videos, novels and series; and the participation of the pisqueros in the Expoalimentaria fair, to be held from September 25 to 27.

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