Cacao and Coffee


The diversity of climates, soils, precipitation and sunlight constitute a favorable scenario for the cultivation of alternative products. These virtues give Peru different ecological levels, that with the help of our farmers we have been able to harvest such marvelous products as coffee and cocoa.

Both crops are oriented to satisfy the needs of present and future generations, guaranteeing profitability, health of the environment, social and economic equity.

It is for this reason that Expoalimentaria from the hand of institutions such as DEVIDA, USAID and TECHNOSERVE maintain their work in the promotion of these alternative products; dedicating a space so that attendees can dialogue with the producers, observe the process of transformation and can also enjoy the different derivatives of international quality that are presented in the Pavilion.

Baristas participantes de la edición 2018:

Giovana Villegas

Sommelier y Barista. Past President Ejecutivo de la Asociación de Baristas del Perú - ARTEBAR.

Marcos Blass

Barman de profesión, Barista y Sommelier. Con alrededor de 14 años de experiencia en el mundo de las bebidas.

Mauricio Rodriguez

Ha viajado por Perú, Colombia y Brasil visitando fincas y estudiando el café en todos los sentidos. "El café es mi amor de vida", dice Mauricio.



Tasting experts are in charge of guiding the audience
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Outstanding bartenders making use of the Peruvian exportable offer
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Cocoa and coffee


The best offer of cocoa and Peruvian coffee for the world
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Variety of dishes using Peruvian exportable offer
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