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Aware of the importance of generating knowledge on consumers so that they can make informed decisions, Expoalimentaria convened again diverse and renowned tasters, specialized in coffee, cocoa, olive oil and pisco.


They guided more than 300 people, in the three days of fair, in the recognition, analysis and subsequent description of the intrinsic characteristics of the tasted products.


Meet the prestigious tasters that participated in the 2015 edition:

   Ana María Rojas

anamaria rojas

Specialist in Coffee Quality Control Q- Grader. Certified by the Coffee Quality Institute CQI from US 2012.

She participated as jury during the running of the Coffee Quality Contest "Grano de Oro" organized by the Municipality of Villa Rica in 2013; as a judge for the coffee's qualities contest in Inambari-Sandia-Puno, organized by the District Municipality of Inambari 2013; as a judge during the run of the Third National Barista Championship 2013 in the "Peru's Special Coffee Tasting Sessions" during the 2014 SCAA show in Seattle - Washington; as Regional Judge in Puno and Cusco for the X National Specialty Coffee Competition 2014; National Judge in the X National Specialty Coffee Competition - final stage - Expocafé-Lima 2014; Also, as an official judge in the First Local Competition in the District of Villa Virgen-La Convention - Cusco 2015.


   Daniel Chau

daniel chau

Certified Q grader in Honduras, he started as barista at many Coffe Shops in Sidney, Australia in 2007, After 2 years being barista and taking barista, tasting and roasting courses, he started working as Head Roaster and Taster of important coffee roasting businesses (Allpress- La Marzocco & Toby's Estate).


He also had the opportunity to visit New Zealand, Indonesia, Vietnam, being in charge of purchasing green beans for creating new blends. He is currently working with producers in the central jungle region in a coffee control quality project.


Judge at the Coffee Association Barista Competition, held in Sidney, Australia; at the Barista National Competition & Latte Art 2014; and at the Special Coffee National Contest 2015.


   Giorgio Demarini

Giorgio DemariniProfessional Chocolatier and Chocolate Taster at Roselen Chocolatier with more than 15 years of experience in the world of fine chocolate. Graduated from Ecole Chocolat, Professional School of Chocolate Arts of Canada and with studies of European chocolates s in Lyon, France.


He is specialized in fine chocolate; chocolate tasting and sensorial analysis; chocolate making from the cocoa bean; and is an expert at quality and natural conservation of the chocolate.


He currently offers chocolate tastings and pairings with other specialists. Simultaneously, he is dedicated to the development of his cutting edge chocolate for his Chocolate Shop.


   Gianfranco Vargas

Gianfranco Vargas

Gianfranco Vargas, from Tacna, is deeply interested in the technological, scientific and historical development of the Peruvian agribusiness, particularly in olive oil.


Business administrator by profession, studied a degree in French and Italian entitled: "From the olive to olive oil" at the Catholic University of Cuyo in Argentina. Also, he studied "sensorial analysis in quality control of food" at the School of Gastronomy and Tourism (EGATUR) and "extra virgin olive oil tasting" in the Wine Research Centre of UNALM and the Spanish School of Tasting.


He has served as a consultant for companies such as Spanish Olive Technology, Alicorp, Kkulli Gourmet and Rincón Ibero in various areas: Selection of raw materials, process analysis and product design.


Professor of olive oils at Foundation Pachacutec, Cenfotur, Le Cordon Bleu and IDVIP. In these institutions, he addresses the academic dimension of production and food tasting. He also integrates an interdisciplinary research team for the Project Indianos Studies at the Pacific University.


   Zara Saavedra

Zara Saavedra

Food Industry Engineer from the National Agrarian University of the Jungle - Tingo Maria; with 12 years of experience in harvesting, post-harvest, quality control, process and transformation of cocoa.


She currently works as a consultant in Equal Exchange, who are working at the level of "Cooperative development project of USAID, Equal Exchange and TCHO", the tasting profile sheet, looking with this to have a tool that allows organizations and producers to recognize the quality profile of their product, making corrections that were needed in the process, as well as its commercial trade.


She was part of the APPCACAO's specialists' team since 2008 to 2015. She currently works as a taster at national Peruvian cocoa contests, activity that she has been doing since 2008.


   Lourdes González

Lourdes GonzálezLourdes Gonzalez Koc is an engineer in Food industries of the UNJBG, international oil technology specialist of the Institute of Agricultural and Fishery Research and Training, IFAPA - Venta del Llano Jaén - Spain.


She is manager of Quality Management, Research, Development and Innovation at Agroindustrias Gonzalez SAC, director of the CITE Agroindustrial of Tacna and chairman of the Association of Olive Oil Producers of Peru and Peru Association Pro Olivo.


   José Visconti

José Visconti

Graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo in the career of Agribusiness. Before turning to the study of cocoa, Joseph studied and practiced the fermentation processes in the industries of wine and beer. He then spent a year working in the trade of hybrid vegetable seeds. Thanks to this industry he could learn the genetics of plants.


He then traveled through the interior of Peru to investigate how soil and climatic conditions influence genetics; and the different harvesting techniques and post-harvest; and the influence of the profiles of cocoa in the final taste of chocolate.


   Ivan Murrugarra

Ivan Murrugarra

Chocolate maker and taster, dedicated to the research of genetics of cocoa in Peru, and how it manifests its natural aromas and flavors. He has studied chocolate making, pastry and sweet cooking at the Academy of Chocolate-Barry Callebaut, Barcelona and the Basque Culinary Center, San Sebastian, Spain.


His experience includes the development of projects on cocoa chain value and its application to different disciplines such as chocolate making, pastry and sweet cooking. He recently participated in the development of a chocolate of origin that achieved recognition in 2014 and 2015 editions of the International Chocolate Awards, held in London.


He currently develops consulting and expeditions, and has also begun a project to create value and positioning the cocoa from Piura.


   Lucero Villagarcía

Lucero Villagarcía

Sommelier and specialist in pisco. She is dedicated to teaching at the University of Piura, Pacific University and D'Gallia. Simultaneously, she promotes the Peruvian distillate in many countries through conferences, courses and tastings.


Her most recent book, The Magic of Pisco, has been awarded in China by Gourmand Awards, as the "second best book of distillates in the world".


She is currently the director of the tasting guide Pisco Peru; the host of the program Magic of Pisco of Aweita - The Republic; collaborator in the magazines Dionisos and Sommelier; Club founder and Director of The Magic of Pisco; and interim president of the Peruvian Association of Sommeliers - APSOM.




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