Peruvian Cocoa & Coffee for the World

Peruvian cocoa and coffee for the World

The diversity of climates, soils, rainfall and sunlight are an enabling environment for the cultivation of alternative products. These virtues grant PerĂº different ecological zones, with the help of our farmers we reap wonderful products as the Coffee and Cocoa products are.

Both crops are designed to meet the needs of present and future generations, ensuring profitability, environmental health, social and economic equity. It is for this reason that Expoalimentaria with support from DEVIDA, institutions like USAID and TechnoServe maintain their efforts in promoting these alternatives; dedicating the space: "Cocoa and Peruvian Coffee to the World", so that visitors and buyers can engage in dialogue with producers, observe the transformation process and also enjoy the various derivatives of international quality such as frappes, esspresos, chocolate, cocoa nibs, among others.



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