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Visitors with foreign citizenship identified with Passport (*) or Foreign resident card must register before 21 September 2018 - 18:00hrs (LIM) otherwise tthey will have to pay at the entrance of the fair the cost of the entry which is 200.00 (PEN).


The entrance free does not apply for visitors who represent international companies and have only DNI (Peruvian Identification); they will have to make the corresponding payment when they register. For more information click here


The Registration is free for international visitors identified with Passport (*) or Foreign resident card


(*)Peruvian passport is not considered.


The entry of people under 18 years old (including infants and children) is prohibited.



Contact Information


South and Central America

Miriam Puntay

T: (511) 6183333 ext.: 4214


North America

Thalia Gonzales

T: (511) 6183333 ext.: 5213


Asia, Africa & Oceania

Juan Cabrera

T: (511) 6183333 ext.: 5230



Paulo Luis

T: (511) 6183333 ext.: 5234





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