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In the last edition, we have more than 10 chefs and bartenders recognized as ambassadors of a Superfood product, highlighting the characteristics and qualities of the products through different ways of preparation and consumption.


Meet the chefs ambassadors of the Culinary Hall 2018:

   Francesco Delfino - "Ambassador of Purple Corn"

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Recognized chef who bases his culinary proposal on the reinterpretation of healthy eating from a modern, creative and fresh approach, seeking the intensity of flavors and balance between the ingredients that make up each of his creations. With more than 12 years of experience in multiple Michellin star restaurants in Spain and France, Francesco returns to Lima to start his own project Francesco Delfino Gastronomic Atelier, from where he offers personalized classes, catering service and gastronomic advice.


   Palmiro Ocampo - "Ambassador of Asparagus and Bonito"




He has worked in important restaurant in the world in Copenhagen, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Chile, Argentina and Mexico. He is a member of "La Academie Culinaire de France". In addition to his work as a chef, Palmiro is a passionate advocate of sustainability and the end of hunger and malnutrition.

He is host of "Cocina Con Causa", a Peruvian television series that takes advantage of the gastronomic boom of Peru to raise awareness among the audience about the importance of good nutrition for the development of the country's population and its communities in general.
He is also co-founder of Ccori, an organization dedicated to promoting the optimization of biodiversity, through optimal cooking and culinary recycling, which has created courses for universities such as Le Cordon Bleu, USIL and Universidad del Pacífico.

Activist of the initiative "Zero Hunger Peru" in collaboration with the World Food Program of the United Nations. He is part of the team of ambassadors of the World Wildlife Foundation WWF Peru.

He has been Peruvian representative for the Bocuse D'or Latin America 2016 and Gastronomic Director Feria Mistura 2016.


   Bertha Uribe - "Ambassador of Bluebbery"




Craft baker. He has experimented with Peruvian inputs in the different breads he has made in these 8 years of experience. She has worked as a baker in Central Restaurante and has been an advisor for Astrid & Gastón, among others.

She currently aims to share his knowledge about making good bread at home, as he believes it is a good way to start improving the quality of bread in Peru.


   Jimena Fiol - "Ambassador of Mango"



Jimena Fiol200x270

Throughout the last 22 years, she has developed her professional career as a consultant, Chef Instructor, researcher and compiler of Peruvian cuisine, working as a consultant for companies in the gastronomic field, letter designer, economist, coordinator and event organizer, collaborator of cookbooks, articles of magazines and national and international gastronomic pages, presentations on television, embassy advisor, and also as a jury guest at national and international gastronomic events.

SHe was responsible for the space of Regional Kitchens at the MISTURA Fair in 2012 and 2013, where traditional cuisine was valued through lectures, with cooks brought from their areas of origin. In 2014 and 2015 he managed the gastronomic offer of the Fair, with more than 280 gastronomic proposals throughout the country.


   Ximena Llosa - "Ambassador of Lucuma"



Ximena Losa

Chef graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris He has worked in kitchens in Sao Paulo, Bogotá and Mexico.


She is the Chef and host of Ximena en Casa (Movistar Tv)

What she likes most is to give cooking classes in order to make people lose their fear of entering it and manage to prepare delicious dishes to make their family and friends proud.


   Germán Requejo - "Ambassador of Carob Tree"


He studied cooking at the Cordon Bleu, in 2011 he worked at "Ritz Carlton" in Palm Beach for a year.


Then he traveled through South America and after 6 months he started studying Nutrition.


In parallel he created his brand of organic products "Huella Verde", currently they make sauces with organic inputs and oats with Peruvian Super Foods such as maca, quinoa and tara.


It is dedicated to its nutrition patients, its brand of products and some pizzerias that open only in summer on some beaches in the south of Lima.


It focuses a lot on the origin of the inputs in order to take a balanced diet without restrictions and assessing Peruvian inputs.


   Luis Carrillo - "Ambassador of Chestnut"


He graduated from HMS COLUMBIA, worked in different restaurants, bars and cafes such as: La Cabrera - bar & grill, La Destileria cocktail bar, Qincha restobar, La Folié cafe, currently serves as bar manager at Arnold's autocinema - burguer.


His experience in the world of the bar is always joy and constant creativity. Research, an important factor to be able to surprise day by day; Our biodiversity is your main ally to make it a reality and thus present something innovative and never seen in every consultancy.


Coffee, a product that over time is taking more prominence in the world of gastronomy, and the bar is no stranger to it, being a very versatile product that is consumed and available all year.





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